Here’s the tattoo mega pack! c:

» The pack contains 40 tattoos with various themes, the main one being asian.
» Those are ambition tattoos, that means you need to be patched to 1.12 or above.
» They have one recolorable channel, except one that has three.
» Each file has its own picture so you can choose the tattoos you want to keep. If you want them all, only install the combined package.

Credit: the original artists.

[ Download ]

See under the cut for swatch, file names and picture credit (/!\ long post).




Alphabetical order, see below for corresponding file names.

File names:

» [cyo] blossoming chrysanthemum tattoo
» [cyo] chinese bird on bamboo tattoo
» [cyo] chinese bird on branch tattoo
» [cyo] chinese bird with flowers tattoo
» [cyo] chinese dragon 1 tattoo
» [cyo] chinese dragon 2 tattoo
» [cyo] chinese dragon 3 tattoo
» [cyo] chinese tiger 1 tattoo
» [cyo] chinese tiger 2 tattoo
» [cyo] chrysanthemum 1 tattoo
» [cyo] chrysanthemum 2 tattoo
» [cyo] chrysanthemum 3 tattoo
» [cyo] chrysanthemum 4 tattoo
» [cyo] chrysanthemum 5 tattoo
» [cyo] drama llama tattoo
» [cyo] ea llama tattoo
» [cyo] eagle and feathers tattoo
» [cyo] eagle and skull tattoo
» [cyo] eagle tattoo
» [cyo] egyptian scarab tattoo
» [cyo] flying grues tattoo
» [cyo] french fountain tattoo
» [cyo] geometrical rosace tattoo
» [cyo] japanese cherry blossom tattoo
» [cyo] japanese cloud 1 tattoo
» [cyo] japanese cloud 2 tattoo
» [cyo] japanese cloud 3 tattoo
» [cyo] japanese cloud 4 tattoo
» [cyo] japanese cloud 5 tattoo
» [cyo] japanese cloud 6 tattoo
» [cyo] japanese koi and hibiscus tattoo
» [cyo] japanese tiger tattoo
» [cyo] king llama tattoo
» [cyo] koi and flowers tattoo
» [cyo] long chrysanthemum tattoo
» [cyo] orb dragon tattoo
» [cyo] pearls and feathers tattoo
» [cyo] proud llama tattoo
» [cyo] ribbon eagle tattoo
» [cyo] sugar skull tattoo
» [cyo] tattoo mega pack

Picture credit:

» Wall: Simsinspring
» Skin: Littlecatsims
» Hair: Store 1, 2
» Lipstick: S-Club, IN3S
» Underwear: Kiara24Ice1, Rusty Nail

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