While I’m trying to figure out what I can share with you guys, here’s something I made, I think it can be useful to everyone now S-club’s male eyelashes are released :3 

It’s a face overlay (default replacement) which does for all ages (toddlers to elders) and both males and females the following: 

It uses Missy Harries’s overlay as a base, which means you’re safe whatever the size of your eye defaults is (plus, I think the sclera texture is lovely).


» The .zip contains one compressed .package with its own picture.
» It goes in your regular Package folder or in your Overrides folder if your eye defaults already have an overlay included. If you’re not sure, put it in your Overrides folder, it will work anyway.  
» You won’t need S-club eyelash removal (they also conflict).
» You may want to delete your cache to see a change.
» This will be the only flavor up for download but you can easily delete ages/gender you don’t want with S3PE.
» Having issues? Read this please.

Credit: Missy Harries for the sclera texture.

[ Download ]

See under the cut for file names and picture credit.

File name:

» Current: [cyo] Face Overlay - DR
» Previous version: [cyo] missy harries_Face Overlay_Eye whites & Lips & Lashes

Picture credit:

» Wall: Thenewshoes
» Brows: Pralinesims
» Hair: Tum Tum Simolino
» Eyes: Tifa
» Top: Store
» Piercing: IN3S

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