Anonymous: Hi! I love your frankenmeshes so much and was wondering if you'd consider making one based off of raonjena hair 26. I love the bangs and that there's a lot of length without a lot of volume, but I've always wanted a version that goes down the back and the other side, i.e. not pushed over one shoulder. Would this be possible?

Hello anon! 

Thank you for your kind words ♥ What you ask for would involve a complete remeshing and I’m absolutely not the most qualified person for that ;__; I still tried something, maybe you like it? 


(pictured the issues so you know it’s not flawless as of rn)

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I don’t know what to wear for tonight’s party so Louis dressed up for me ♥

Casual!Louis ♥

Guess who (◡‿◡✿)